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Built on an outstanding reputation for consistently providing only the best-tasting Corned Beef, we at Murphy & David's have perfected several products to meet your demands.

Look in the Where You Can Find Us section to find where you can pick up premium Murphy & David's Corned Beef!   Accept no substitute Corned Beef or other brand, many have tried for years without success to copy our true Corned Beef taste.

There is only one true Corned Beef: Murphy & David's Olde-Fashioned Corned Beef!

Don't forget to look for special recipes for our Corned Beef under "Recipes"!

Corned Beef Corned Beef

Our Murphy & David's Corned Beef Briskets can be found in the meat department of the retail grocery store, in a retail-ready package.

Our Corned Beef comes in two different varieties:

Flat Cut: Murphy & David's starts with the best, USDA-inspected Choice beef brisket.   But we do not stop therewe want the best part of the brisket!   To our exacting standards, we leave only enough "flavor-fat" for a superior taste and remove less-desirable pieces of the brisket so that only the choicest, most tender part of the brisket remains, the Flat Cut.   Our constant quality control ensures that the Flat Cuts we use have the most robust flavor and moistness while ensuring the corned beef is lean and easy to carve.

We use a special mild formulation when slow-curing our Corned Beef.   A separate spice packet is typically included with each Corned Beef package, which we recommend for unlocking the truest flavors of our Corned Beef!

Round: Once again, we start with only the freshest, USDA-inspected Choice beef.   We carefully trim our Rounds to ensure that only the leanest beef is chosen to be slow-cured into a delicious Murphy & David's Corned Beef Round.   The beef of our Rounds are lean internally and easy to carve.   Our special cure and spices ensures that our Corned Beef Round is delicious from the first bite to the last!

Sliced Cooked Corned Beef Sliced Cooked Corned Beef

NEW Cooked Corned Beef: We understand that not everyone has the time to devote to preparing Corned Beef.   Sometimes you're on the go and need delicious Corned Beef ready-to-go – whether it's straight onto rye bread to create the perfect Reuben or straight from the package and into your mouth.   That's why we created Murphy & David's Sliced Cooked Corned Beef!

We cure, season and cook it to perfection so that all you have to do is open the package and enjoy! The same terrific-tasting Corned Beef you have come to know from Murphy & David's, now cooked and ready to eat!

Hot Dog Chili Hot Dog Chili

Murphy & David’s Hot Dog Chili: I know what you're thinking - What are the Corned Beef experts doing with a hot dog chili?   That's a great question.   On those few days we do not eat Corned Beef, our next favorite food is a good ol' fashioned chili dog!   And because many of us now live in the South, we are devoted to chili!   But try finding a terrific chili in the grocery story that's also easy to prepare...we searched and searched in vain.

Most take a long time to prepare and when you read the ingredients label, you see cheap raw ingredients like textured vegetable protein or other cheap fillers.   Well that's not what we put in our food or our mouths! We are premium beef connoisseurs!

As beef experts and chili dog lovers, we decided to make a premium hot dog chili that is:

  1. Made using only the best ingredients – Premium USDA Ground Chuck Beef and NO SUBSTITUTES!

  2. Incredibly easy to prepare – Microwaveable tray that is portioned perfectly for a 8-pack of hot dogs! Delicious-tasting chili ready in about 1 minute!

And as a kicker, we found that not only is it a perfect addition to hot dogs, but is also wonderful with nachos, French Fries, and anything else you could think of to smother in chili!

So go ahead, give it a try! You'll be hooked on our premium Murphy & David's Hot Dog Chili!!!

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