Testimonials Testimonials from Our Customers

We're sure that you'll love our delicious Olde-Fashioned Corned Beef.   Listen to what our customers have to say!

My family always ate corned beef just once a year for St. Paddy's Day.   Last year I bought a Murphy & David's Corned Beef.   I'm not sure what brand we were eating before but yours was absolutely delicious and so easy to prepare!   Let's just say my family doesn't wait for St. Paddy's day to come around once a year anymore.

- Carol D. in Atlanta, GA

I'm from New York and ever since moving down to Florida, have searched for a TRUE corned beef.   I found Murphy & David's Corned Beef at Publix and the search is over.   Haven't had a Reuben this good in years - even plain old corned beef sandwiches are wonderful: rye bread, spicy brown mustard and your terrific corned beef - that's all you need!

- Isaac R. in Palm Springs, FL

New England Boiled Dinner is a family favorite of ours for generations!   Murphy & David's Corned Beef's old fashioned flavor makes our dinners special again because your corned beef TASTES LIKE CORNED BEEF, not roast beef.   And it's even great when oven-roasting, the meat is always tender and juicy.   Kudos to Murphy & David's!

- Catherine M. in Spartanburg, SC

Been buying your corned beef for years, and my entire family just loves it!!   Not just for dinner, but the leftovers are wonderful - corned beef hash in the morning and corned beef sandwiches for lunch - believe me when I say nothing goes to waste.   And nothing compares to your corned beef in taste.   Appreciate y'all for making something that everyone loves, from the youngest to the oldest...

- Shelley K. in Middleburg, FL

I must confess that I have never been a big corned beef lover, but went over to a dear friend's house who prepared for us your corned beef.   To my surprise it was so delicious!   Went to the Kroger by me next day and purchased a Murphy & David's Corned Beef!   You made a believer out of me in corned beef - thought you should know.

- Cheryl W. in Byron, GA

Murphy & David's - Best Corned Beef there is.   Period-THE END!!!

- Dave P. in Birmingham, AL